New research has shown that IT recruitment will grow twice as fast as other industry sectors up until 2020, with an estimated 129,000 new people needed each

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IT Sector Set To Grow Rapidly

New research has shown that IT recruitment will grow twice as fast as other industry sectors up until 2020, with…

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IT Specialist Skills Market Evolving

Experts in the IT industry have shown a number of changing trends that recruitment agencies and contractors will need to…

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Give Applicants Your Full Attention

When it comes to interviewing and selecting the right candidate, it is important that you view each candidate equally and…

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Office Of National Statistics Reveals Falling Government Jobs

Recruitment agencies could note increasing numbers of private sector placements after it was shown that public sector jobs are falling.…

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IT Positions Increased In Scotland

A new survey by the Bank of Scotland has shown that IT contracting in Scotland continues to grow, offering recruitment…

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Half Of Employers Not Ready For Pension Enrolment

Research has shown that almost 50 per cent of employers have not taken any steps to be ready for the…

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Essential Tools For Recruiting

Nowadays, finding the right person to fill a vacancy is much more than placing an advertisement in a paper and…

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Cookies, The Effect On Job Boards

A new EU legislation has come in to force that could potentially have an impact on job sites and recruitment…

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IT Contractors Expected To Be In High Demand

It has been revealed by research firm Gartner that it expects to see a surge in demand for IT contractors.…

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Employee Turnover Can Benefit A Company

When it comes to employee turnover there seems to be a common theory that high turnover within a company means…

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Graduates Taking Decisive Action Against Recruitment Challenges

Graduates are hoping to battle the current tough recruitment conditions by applying for graduate jobs early and often, according to…

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British Airway’s Problematic Recruitment Questions

British Airways has been warned that faults in its recruitment process could leave the company exposed to discrimination lawsuits over…

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