About Wood Squared

Wood Squared are business growth accountants. They practise what they preach, having themselves doubled in size over the last 12 months..

“We found the person we were looking for within a week of using the service for the first time”

The challenge

Wood Squared had been looking to recruit a client manager for 9 months, before another accountancy firm recommended Recruitment Genius. It was their biggest recruitment challenge “by far” trying to find someone with the right attitude. Recruitment fees in the accounting sector can be very high and having used agencies in the past, they were looking to save on costs.

The approach

With such a wide reach, Recruitment Genius was able to help the company reach out to the kinds of people that would fit in with the company culture in a timely, cost-effective and simple way.

Recruitment Genius was able to get the job seen by people that perhaps weren’t actively looking and so were not speaking to recruitment agencies.

The client manager recruited through Recruitment Genius, Cheryl Fynney, says Wood Squared offers the best in terms of culture, flexible working arrangements, compensation and benefits, work-life balance and the potential to grow.

“The team is talented and committed”

The outcome

Wood Squared has been so pleased with Recruitment Genius’ service that it has recommended it to another accountancy firm.

“It worked for us so it was worth them trying it too. Our view is companies should give it a go and they may just find the person they are looking for too”