About United Gas & Power

United Gas & Power are a commercial energy supplier working nationally across the UK. With a strong new business ethic, they have delivered to over 500 new customers in the last six months with a retention rate of over 95% in a very competitive market.

“I can interact with applicants very easily, I can see their qualities first hand”


The challenge

Control over recruitment is fundamentally important to United Gas and Power. The senior team found that recruitment agencies don’t always understand exactly what they need when they are sourcing candidates.

So, they have changed their approach to recruitment and put themselves in the driving seat.

Given the senior involvement, using a tool that saves time was an essential factor for the company. Being involved in recruitment full time is not possible, so recruitment needed to be very efficient.

The approach

Recruitment Genius covered all the bases that United Gas and Power were looking to cover.

At the core of this was the employee portal which enables companies to truly understand their candidates, saving huge amounts of time with paper work and printing off and scoring CVs.

The Recruitment Genius system of filtering CV scores as a percentage has meant that those applicants that score the closest to 100% are most likely to be matched to the specific jobs being recruited for.

“I can also give candidates a time and a date for an interview, and if they’re unsuccessful, I can very quickly send them an email telling them why. I think it is really important that as a business we look at all the candidates that want to work for us and treat them equally”


The outcome

The Outcome: In the three years since its inception, United Gas and Power has grown its team from 5 to over 50 people.

Recruitment Genius has met the recruitment challenges of United Gas and Power including location, lack of skills and finding employees who will exemplify its six company values of success – Passion, Ambition, Pride, Care, Together – in their work. Recruitment Genius has delivered people who fit this mould.

“In terms of the level of interviewees we have got through, there has been a higher success rate as opposed to the standard way that we have previously done it – looking through the jobs board ourselves,” says Michael Coverdale, Senior Account Manager.

With multiple positions and more opening up all the time, the £199 per position price point has proven extremely cost effective.

United Gas and Power is planning considerable growth with a number of positions envisaged over the coming months and years.

““We believe Recruitment Genius will play a pivotal role in making our recruitment cost-effective and enjoyable””