About Pursuit Marketing

Pursuit Marketing is a Glasgow-based marketing agency that specialises in the delivery of a profitable campaigns to the technology industry. It is on target to achieve a £2M turnover by the end of the current financial year.

“We love that Recruitment Genius has a great pool of candidates, talent that has full visibility of our employment opportunities for a fixed cost”

The challenge

Pursuit Marketing has recently invested in an advanced training programme. Its strategy is to recruit people based on attitude not experience. The increasing costs of recruitment agencies are prohibitive, especially for a company that prefers to invest in its employees; hence recruitment budget is tightly managed. As a result, Pursuit Marketing has used different job boards and services with varying results.

The approach

Recruitment Genius has helped the company simplify its recruitment process and support its growth targets. The synergy between the simple, fixed-cost service that Recruitment Genius offers and the services offered by Pursuit Marketing was a defining feature for the company.

Being able to localise the results using Recruitment Genius has enabled the company to attract people who live within easy reach of its office, which was a significant factor.

“Its innovative flat fee recruitment model fits over requirements well and helps to increase our brand awareness within the local area”

The outcome

Pursuit Marketing’s workforce has grown from 5 people to 50 in the five years since its inception. The company is set to add a further 30 to 35 people to its team in the near future and predicts ongoing job adverts and promotions with Recruitment Genius will help achieve its target.

The company has also recently introduced a 4-day working week; every staff member gets Fridays off with no impact on salary or benefits. Its culture is based on transparency, honesty, wellness and energy, reflecting the qualities of people joining the company.

“The strength and wellness of our employees is critical to our ongoing success and growth”