About New Care

New Care is a new small, family-like care home business promoting “new generation” care. They blend the expertise of a construction company with care company work; they design and construct homes to compliment the care givers. In addition to opening a care home in Nottingham, they are building three more and are constantly seeking to acquire new hands for more projects..

“The majority of the applicants from Recruitment Genius are relevant applicants we would like to interview. It reaches out to the people that we wish to attract”

The challenge

With an ageing population, the care home sector faces competition for staff and the requirement for nurses has hit a “crisis point nationally”. There is extreme pressure to obtain a skilled workforce;

New Care not only look for home-grown talent for their professionals, but are also heavily involved in overseas recruitment.

Being a relatively new entrant to the market, brand awareness is not as high as it could be, so the challenge of using a job board was a fear of being lost among more easily recognisable brands.

The approach

New Care started using Recruitment Genius after receiving a recommendation from other care home employees who had used it at their previous companies.

The exceptional reach of advertising on over 2000+ job boards and the user-friendly system meant posting a job advert was a quick and easy process.

Also, because Recruitment Genius do not show the company brand, the job descriptions are the main focus. Working together with the Recruitment Genius team, New Care was able to quickly find applicants with the right skills and culture fit for each position.

“Although the advert might not show the company branding it definitely attracts enough applicants from which we have been able to recruit employees with the right skills and cultural fit for the position”

Finances have played a role, too. Recruitment Genius’ approach to pricing means that New Care could fill a number of positions with only one advert per role, without paying any extra fees.

“It’s a lot cheaper than using an agency or a bigger job board. This means that you get a lot of applicants through for one job over a 30-day period”

The outcome

To meet its ambitious growth plans, New Care will be recruiting more than 100 staff members for each of their three new care homes.

Employees joining the company will have the opportunity to develop their skills while promoting professional, person-centred care to residents, with New Care providing the development and training.

“It’s a great recruitment tool to be able to advertise a range of roles that require a high attraction route of candidates”