About Lead Galaxy

Lead Galaxy provides international property marketing services, including sales-led generation for property investment, developers and real estate agents. The company prides itself on having a flat structure with plenty of opportunities for challenging and interesting projects..

“For the right role, Recruitment Genius can be a goldmine”

The challenge

“Lead Galaxy have worked hard to create a positive atmosphere in the company. Everyone has fun whilst working very hard. So, finding the right applicants to join the team is critical.

The company’s senior team is very hands on, thus there is no dedicated HR manager to handle recruitment or the corresponding busy schedules around which recruitment has to fit.”

The approach

Recruitment Genius were able to demonstrate the value of the Applicant Management System to consolidate all the applicant CU’s in one place, filtering and ranking them in line with Lead Galaxy’s requirements so that they could easily identify people who not only have the skills, but would also fit with the organisations culture

“Recruitment Genius is much easier to use than the other aggregator sites”

“It’s an effective way to maximise that precious time you spend sifting through CVs to find good candidates, and anything has got to be better than wading through an inbox of badly written resumes”

The outcome

backgrounds’” Asher says. “Some people bring industry experience and others bring specialised skillsets.”

The company is looking for someone who not only has the skills needed, but will also fit with the organisation’s culture.

The reach, price and ease of use of Recruitment Genius’ service enables Lead Galaxy to get the right people for many of its generic job roles. The time saved by the portal makes Recruitment Genius good value for money.

“It’s not only a goldmine, but also when you have this flood of CVs, it’s all in one place. It’s easy to organise and it’s easy to compare”