About HGV Express

HGV Express offers a range of training programmes that allow their clients to progress from regular vehicle driving to a heavy goods license; arranged by one of their thirty strong team.

“Save yourself time and hassle by using a service that does the hardest work for you and has a great track record”

The challenge

Due to demands in business, HGV Express needed sales staff that were reliable self-starters, eager to excel in their job. Additionally, they needed customer service recruits who were able to multi-manage and provide first-class support to a wide range of customers. The company were wary of receiving an influx of CVs that didn’t match their criteria.

The approach

Once an account with Recruitment Genius was set up, HGV Express were immediately able to benefit from ease of use, a dependable service, reasonable prices and speed at which adverts can be received and processed.

Using CV scoring the company was able to find the exact applicants they wanted without the need to compromise, having had plenty of practice at recruitment.

““Although our standards are high and we still thoroughly assess each candidate on our own terms, we find Recruitment Genius exceptional when it comes to providing us with prospective talent”

The outcome

Over the two years HGV Express has been working with Recruitment Genius, it has hired three full-time members of staff and “countless” contractors through the service.

The reasonable fees and quality of applicants has given HGV Express a key advantage, given they are operating in a fast-paced manner.

“Recruitment Genius has promptly and reliably given us a wealth of applicants, meaning we’re able to handle the recruitment demands quickly and efficiently, allowing more time to focus on our business”