About FreestyleXtreme

FreestyleXtreme is a retailer of action sports apparel and equipment, streetwear, footwear and accessories. It’s also a media company, producing a magazine and providing brands access to a huge action sports community. It’s also a logistics provider and parcel consolidator. It operates a multi-lingual, multi-currency website with 20 fully localised storefronts targeting different countries all over the world; 78% of its business is international..

“Services are very easy to use and offer great value for money”

The challenge

FreestyleXtreme offers a versatile range of products and services. Unsurprisingly it faces a variety of recruitment challenges for different posts.

“For specialist roles, it’s simply finding qualified people in our area,” says Managing Director Shaun Loughlin. “For more generalist roles, it’s time. Some roles can have 400 applicants. That’s a lot of CVs to read through.”

The company has never struggled with applicant numbers, with most roles receiving at least a couple of hundred applicants. Over the last ten years, FreestyleXtreme has refined a very efficient protocol using only the most senior people in the company, which has a tremendous trickledown effect on everything, especially management time.

The approach

Working together with FreestyleXtreme, Recruitment Genius was able to improve the recruitment protocol by helping keep recruitment in house. The fact that the protocol can grade each of the hundreds of CVs that come in saves a considerable amount of time. The price of £199 per advert means the service is also cost effective.

“Recruitment Genius has given us a cost effective way to scale out recruitment. We don’t worry about costs anymore. If we need to hire someone, we just get on with it”

The outcome

FreestyleXtreme started out with 6 staff members and now has more than 55. The company has shown year on year growth of between 20-120% over the last decade with a 42% growth in the last trading period.

By focusing on recruiting the right people and retaining them with competitive rates of pay, flexible working hours, a relaxed working environment and many opportunities for progression, the company has created an autonomous and effective culture.

“It works”