About Brighter Law Solutions

Brighter Law Solutions, a technology provider, has been providing conveyancing services to law firms in England and Wales for the past decade. For two out of those ten years, Brighter Law Solutions has worked with Recruitment Genius after discovering it through a web search.

“We’ve recommended Recruitment Genius to loads of other companies, because it works”

The challenge

Brighter Law Solutions were looking to streamline their recruitment process so that even if candidates didn’t have all the skills and experience needed for the vacancies they were filling, they would still be considered and the company was willing to spend time and money training them.

The approach

Recruitment Genius were able to find a way of addressing any staff shortages among a pool of applicants by advertising on up to 2,000 of the UK’s best online job boards. This enabled the team at Brighter Law Solutions to manage advertisements themselves via their own dedicated dashboard.

Through Recruitment Genius, they were able see people who might only have put their details up because they had a bad day at work, but when they see the advert, that act of protest becomes an exciting opportunity.

“It saves so much time and ensures no one gets missed off. We can work our way through applicants very quickly to weed out the ones we want to follow up with”

The outcome

Recruitment Genius has not only filled 10 vacancies at Brighter Law Solutions, but also managed to find a way of addressing any skills shortages among the pool of applicants.

“We don’t always get the candidates with the experience we need, but because of the cost saving we can get someone close and then provide them with support and training,” says Rudolph.

“This has been crucial in tackling the difficulties Brighter Law Solutions faces in finding the right staff. Creating specialist and complex solutions for the legal sector requires specialist and complex skills. The pace with which the IT sector moves means these skills need constant updating. We offer niche products and services so finding someone with the right experience is really hard,” Rudolph says.

“Not only does Recruitment Genius offer good value for money compared with other methods of recruiting, but it gives companies the freedom to manage negotiations with candidates themselves, and widens the pool of jobseekers. Without Recruitment Genius, we would otherwise never get in front of them as they aren’t serious enough to go to the lengths of going to an agent,” Rudolph adds.

“We have become recruitment geniuses because we are now able to recruit great people all over the country from our laptop screens”