A worldwide survey of recruitment trends of more than 14,400 companies and organisations has shown that the international recruitment market is showing a healthy levelling.

The Global Snapshot survey, which is carried out by recruitment agency Antal, regularly seeks the opinions of 14,465 bodies in 47 countries. Their latest statistics, issued this month, have shown that the number of organisations looking to shed staff within the next six months has fallen by seven per cent since their last survey in September, to 16 per cent.

While this figure was accompanied by a dip in active recruitment processes by companies – falling from 57 per cent in September to 50 per cent now – when considered together, the numbers indicate that the dip in recruitment activity stems from increased staff retention.

UK companies gave the second highest levels of current active recruitment, with 66 per cent stating that they were looking to hire. This placed it only behind Luxembourg, with 86 per cent, and immediately ahead of Belgium and France, with 65 and 58 per cent respectively.

The Americas showed the most active recruitment of anywhere in the world. Some 76 per cent of organisations in the USA and Mexico said they were actively recruiting, while even the lowest placed country in the region – Argentina – still came back with a relatively high 60 per cent.

Geoff Newman from web recruitment business Recruitment Genius said, “This is good news as it seems companies have finished downsizing and are now ready to grow. The World economy is so inter-linked that prosperity in other countries will benefit the UK.

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