A recent report on Recruiter.co.uk grabbed our attention with its headline “50% of UK job ads don’t include salary.The article goes on to explain that only one out of five executive positions mention a salary and the same goes for post-grad job ads too. According to Recruiter, Google, HSBC, Rolls-Royce, JP Morgan and Vodafone are all amongst the top ten companies least likely to reveal salary.

It looks like these companies could have used some of the top tips we have in our free guide on how to improve your online recruitment! Tip number one is in fact “Include salary information”. Why? Because at the end of the day, salary determines the level of experience and seniority you are looking for in a candidate. And when candidates auto-determine themselves as relevant or irrelevant for a position, it means less work for you.

We believe that omitting that information will result in a higher number of irrelevant applications, meaning you have more candidates to sift through – and we all know how much fun filtering candidates can be!  More importantly however, research shows that job seekers are less likely to apply for a job with no salary, assuming it must be low.

So by not divulging the salary you are hearing more from the wrong applicants and less from the ones your business needs – that just doesn’t sound right, does it? We suggest you quote a realistic salary in your job ads in order to attract the right people with honest interest in your position.

For more tips on getting your recruitment right, read our free guide on the top ten ways to improve your online recruitment. You might also like to read our posts on The Hidden Costs of Recruitment, Using Applicant Logic to Recruit the Best People for your Business and Why Job Titles are important.

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