When it comes to applying for jobs, recent recruitment research has shown that at least 38 per cent of candidates embellish CVs to make it sound as if they actually have more success or interests than they do have.  Spotting the people who have lied about their skill sets becomes important when making sure the right person has been hired for your vacancy.  Here are some tips to help you do just that:

1. Check references and do a background check, including where they said they lived.  It might take a bit of extra time but it will be worth it.

2. Pay attention to red flags. Find out why a CV contains unexplained gaps between employment, and dig a bit deeper if the person has a reluctance to explain why he or she left their last job.  Periods listed as ‘self-employed’ that seem unusual can point to an employment history that is not entirely honest.

3. Test them. Do not be afraid to have candidates take aptitude tests to ensure that they really do have the skills they say they do.  While this might not be possible for all skills, they can always be quizzed about technical aspects of the position.

4. Use common sense. Not all mistakes are on purpose so trust your intuition when it comes to what is a lie and what is a genuine mistake or oversight.

5. Be fair. Give the candidate a chance to explain any discrepancies that you might find.

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