In an industry that is notorious for its high turnover of staff, hospitality employers are often on the lookout for new staff and as a result, they are trying new ways to reach potential employees in a bid to let them know about vacancies and fill recruitment spots.

The emergence of the internet and social media platforms has meant that it is now easier than ever to reach a wider audience and the employers that are embracing online recruitment are the ones seeing the real benefits.

Nick Claypole, an operations manager for a major hospitality recruitment company in London and the south east, said: “We used to rely on our own website and industry jobs boards to advertise our jobs, but we now also use a lot of social media, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter, to tell people about what we have on our books.  The market is saturated with lots of average candidates who are actively seeking employment, but they often don’t have the skills employers are looking for, so we try and find the passive job seeker which is where social media is useful.”

The innovative use of technology is helping employers reach potential employees in ways never before imagined, and with so many people actively seeking work and many more considering a change of career, the right employees are out there just waiting to be found.  Social media and the internet put employers back in control of the recruitment process.

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