In a world where people expect to be entertained no matter what they are doing online, recruiters who are thinking creatively and using online videos, which have the potential to go viral, are seeing a dramatic rise in the number of people who are applying to their companies.  Online videos have become an extremely effective recruitment tool as they feature live action visuals and sounds that connect to a potential target audience at a level, which is not available through other media.

Creating a video that encourages talented potential employees to apply requires an understanding of the audience at whom the video is aimed at as well as the most important thing of all – a hook.

Without a hook, a recruitment video is likely to be switched off before a company has had a chance to sell themselves.  However, get it right and it not only lures the person in to watching the whole video but it also makes them more likely to spread the word about your campaign to their friends and family, thus widening your audience and potential for reaching the best talent available.

With the right amount of creativity, producing an online video that will catch the attention of potential recruits does not have to be a costly venture.  With equipment and software available a lot of it can be done in house, although making sure that the production is professional is key, unless you have found an angle and a way to work the amateur market.

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