A survey of US-based recruitment specialists has shown that many expect to see companies significantly increase their recruitment budgets during 2011.

The survey – entitled the Labor Market Barometer Report – sought the opinions of more than 37,000 human resources and recruitment professionals across the US.

According to the report, 76 per cent of companies were anticipating that their budgets for talent acquisition would either remain the same or increase during the first quarter of 2011. This marks a staggering 72 per cent increase on the figure obtained from the same poll in 2010.

The report summary also stated that, “in the coming year traditional online recruitment channels will remain a strong medium for targeting job seekers.”

The challenge, the respondents highlighted, would be in managing the glut of applications and resumes that an online recruitment posting now generates, with many stating that the majority of online resumes they find leave them “indifferent or dissatisfied”.

Sean Bisceglia, the leading recruitment expert who orchestrated the report, said, “This report offers positive indicators that recruiters and HR departments expect the market will strengthen and are allocating funds to support that prediction.

“Utilising best practice technologies and strategies in the recruitment processes is important when attempting to cut costly time and operational inefficiencies.”

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