When it comes to finding new employees, smaller, more localised firms can often find it a challenge competing with large, national companies.  Fortunately, there are a number of steps that a small company can take to help them gain an advantage when it comes to recruitment.

* Be quick – With a smaller chain of command, a small company should use this to its advantage to make decisions regarding potential employees in less time than it takes a larger company to reach a decision.  Be the first to make that job offer.

* Be a local expert – Make connections with local community groups and take advantage of community ties. Learn what the employment needs are in your specific location and see how you can help.  Unemployment support groups work well within communities and while ties might take time to establish, they will serve a small company well in the end.

* Be creative – Larger companies tend to be restricted more in how they operate when it comes to hiring staff.  Smaller companies do not have to be confined in this manner and can be more flexible when it comes to recruiting.  Smaller companies also have the ability to apply flexibility to the job position itself so use this to your benefit.

* Be yourself – Small companies have plenty to offer that cannot be found at larger institutions such as tighter bonds between staff.  Do not try to adopt the attitude of multi-nationals at the expense of the traits that make your company attractive to many potential employees.

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