There might be someone in your team who is currently in a position where they have completed a big project and were given high-fives from their team and left work with a sore hand but at the end of the day they still felt like something was missing.

Or maybe someone who feels like all their hard work gets unnoticed so they’re tempted to secretly start applying for other opportunities on their lunch break because they feel unappreciated.

Their morale is low simply because they want recognition from that one person-probably YOU.

Employee moral has taken a turn for the worst in recent years and company perks just don’t seem to have any impact at all-although they do seem like a plus to begin with. Just look at Google for instance, they offer loads of benefits some that I’m even jealous of myself but staff attrition is still high.

 If you don’t start motivating and boosting your team then you will eventually struggle to retain staff and productivity will be low and I’m sure you’ve heard a lot in the news recently about low productivity in the UK.

The CMI ‘Spring Economic Outlook’ survey found that 70% of managers admitted that moral in their organisations had gotten worse during the past six months. In addition, 45% of managers surveyed said that number of workers feeling involved and valued in their business had also decreased during the same period.

If you’re feeling like morale is low in your team and you’re starting to see that some of your best staff seem to be drifting, then we have three quick tips for you to implement before your staff get poached by other employers or approached by recruiters on LinkedIn.

Well done goes a long way….

False platitudes aside, you should reward each member of staff for “successful outcomes” not “hard work” as they could work had and not achieve the business objectives. If you’ve noticed that a particular member of staff has been really putting in the work then acknowledge their outstanding contribution to the company and the team.

If you don’t have this already then start having an “employee of the month” and shine the light on those members of staff who consistently go beyond the call of duty. Everyone likes to be congratulated for his or her efforts and you could save yourself from loosing a member of staff just by saying “well done”.

Make your team feel like they are part of the company and not just a member of staff….

As a manager or business owner you’re probably always thinking of ways to grow and expand the business, which is great. The thing ism employees work on “tactics” whereas, business leads work on strategies without consulting staff.

However, it’s just as important to keep your team updated on the latest business activities and ask for their feedback on certain strategies you’re looking to introduce.

This should hopefully boost morale as they feel that their opinion matters, which will again help you, retain staff.

For example, here at Recruitment Genius we have quite a few remote workers across the UK and our main office in Maidstone. To make everyone feel that they are part of the team and to not isolate the remote workers, we hold weekly Friday catch ups via video and get everyone together to discuss future and current business plans. At the end of each talk staff have questions and give their opinion on new ideas that might improve the business.

Throw in a challenge to spice things up…

You will have some members of staff who secretly hate that they are stuck doing the same things over and over again and are feeling a little deflated. Some love routine and others hate it. Our advice is to break from routine and add a challenge.

Get members of your team to take on a new task beyond their normal activities if they want to.  Encourage your staff to learn new software, attend seminars or expand on their skills in other ways.

Ask each member of staff about his or her career aspirations and outline steps needed to achieve this so that they feel that they are working towards a goal, which will have big impact on their personal attitude and approach to their role.

Being the boss of the year is no easy task and some will hate and love your management style. But the most important thing is keeping your staff and keeping your staff happy.

So make the changes today and congratulate one or all of your staff for their hard work!

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