Human resources staff play a vital role within a company and when the department runs smoothly, it adds to the harmony of the company as a whole. However, a few common mistakes seem to be in evidence across the human resources sections of many different industries and employers should be aware of them.

Poor communication with employees

HR is supposed to be a bridge between employees and management.  As such, effective guidelines for procedures should be in place to make this as easy as possible.  All conversations should be documented so that they are available should they be needed to be referred to at a later date.

Legal knowledge

The law changes and often it changes frequently in the areas of employment and recruitment legislation.  A human resources team should be up to date on any changes and the impact it could have on the staff at the company where they work.  Not only will it help the business run smoothly but it will also help to deal with any employee questions as they arise.

Confidentiality breaches

It can be human nature to gossip but, when a person is employed in a human resources role, confidentiality issues are extremely important and should not be breached.  When working in human resources, all personal feelings must be removed from every situation in order to deal with it efficiently and effectively.  Employment law must come first, and this should be the main consideration at all times.

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