Knowing what is important when it comes to hiring new employees is just as vital as knowing their previous experience.  Does the candidate need to have a track record that demonstrates their ability to work as part of a team or would it be more beneficial to your company if they could work on their own initiative and were able to thrive in a solitary environment.  According to an online poll, over one fifth of respondents believed that teamwork was the most essential skill needed in a new hire, meaning that the potential employee needed to be able to co-operate with fellow employees as well as interact in a positive manner that would drive projects forward in a constructive way.

The poll found that the top three most sought after general skills in employees were teamwork, achievement orientation, and creativity and innovation.  Of course, each company is different and your requirements might mean that the person would be better suited to the role you are seeking to fill if they are able to work on their own initiative.  However, when it comes to most companies, being able to play well with others seems to be a vital key to hiring the right employee and is something recruiters and recruitment agencies should be on the lookout for when trying to marry a person to a position.

Do not leave it to chance; make sure that at the interview stage you are able to gather information that points to the person’s ability to work as part of a team to make sure that they fit with your company.

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