It has been a major concern for many people what policies and strategies the new government will follow, and whether or not the new government will be able to understand the challenges and concerns faced by the employers, or whether policies would remain unchanged. Many individuals are of the view that the Labour government was not able to address the issues faced by employers; therefore the public authority is unable to create an economy that focuses on flexible growth.

But many other individuals are of the opinion that the Labour government was committed to the basic economic growth policies and created more room for employment. The government has stepped up during this crunch time and government spending has helped the economy to recover. But people think that the great emphasis on spending in order to avoid employment cuts has lead to a budget deficit, and at the same time government employers want to opt for strategies that private sector employers follow.

The Labour government has implemented programmes like the Labour Welfare Reform Programme, to helped employers. Just over 500,000 were employed who were previously on government benefits. Another programme called Local Employment Partnerships helps to match unemployed individuals with employers that are most suitable according to their profiles. This is a good way of expanding the talent pool within the country. All such programmes introduced by the previous government have benefited the economy to a great extent.

The employment policies and strategies introduced by the Labour government were ambitious for young apprentices. The emphasis was laid upon increasing the number of young apprentices so that they would be beneficial for the government in the long term. But there are certain issues regarding such a strategy. When it comes to the long term, no one knows what the future economy may resemble, nor what the requirements may be at that time, so whether the young apprentices would be fully prepared or not can’t be said for sure. But if individuals are introduced to the working environment at a very young age it is more likely that they will gain experience and work efficiently alongside other individuals in the future.

Many individuals, though, criticize the Labour government’s approach to the old age workers. Labour have laid a great emphasis on young people and have ignored the old workers. No strategies have been formed for old working people, which is unfair in many respects. Another criticism that follows the Labour government is that there has been no significant increase in the minimum wage level every year, as was promised.

But the Labour government has had a good impact on employers’ well being. The question of concern is whether the new government will be able to follow the positive steps taken by the previous government or not, and what strategies and policies they may follow to enhance employment opportunities for individuals belonging to different areas of expertise.

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