When it comes to finding new staff in this current economic climate, many companies are finding that they want to keep their recruitment costs as low as possible.  Here are a number of ways that can be implemented to help you achieve that.

Keep your current staff

If your current staff are not leaving and unless your business is expanding, there will be no need to recruit additional members of staff.  While employees can leave at any time for a multitude of reasons, be proactive about keeping staff happy and engaged.  Address any concerns that an employee might have before it has a chance to escalate and result in a resignation or that person looking for another job.

Take advantage of social media 

Social media should cost your company not much more than the time spent using it and it affords you access to millions of people, many of whom would be a perfect fit for your company. Spend the time establishing a strong online presence within the main social networking sites and within a very short amount of time candidates will be coming to you.

Implement an employee referral programme

Use the money you would have spent on the recruitment process to reward and incentivise staff in to making recommendations of people who they think would be a good fit for your company.  Not only are you likely to save money but you will also be put in touch with people that your staff trust.

Become a Recruitment Genius

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