It has been revealed by a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) that more youngsters need to be recruited into the technology sector. Dave Pye, the REC’s technology sector group executive member, said that it was a very common problem that needed to be fixed by increased employment and recruitment drives.

The technology sector often does not appear as attractive to many youngsters as other industries. Mr Pye, also the JM Group’s chief executive, said that the IT industry was doing all it could to encourage youngsters into the field, but they were still noting a lack of enthusiasm.

“I think it is a very common problem trying to get more people to look at IT and technology as important for the UK industry because when you are talking to younger people or people just starting their careers, it isn’t as attractive as other professions,” Mr Pye explained. He added that UCAS figures for computer courses had been steadily dropping over the past six years.

In stark contrast, data from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies showed that recruitment agencies were noting increased business because of the IT industry. With a growing number of technology jobs available, youth unemployment could be tackled by attracting youngsters into the sector. This will also ensure that there are many bright and skilled workers in the industry, ensuring that all IT areas remain vibrant and innovative for a successful future.

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