When it comes to finding candidates to hire social media networks are changing the face of the landscape.  Many people are now familiar with using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as a way of reaching potential employees but far fewer are realising the recruitment potential that is available in the blogosphere.

With some 173,429,7980 public blogs available online there is a huge wealth of talent sitting waiting to be tapped by the right company and with an increase of 9 per cent in the number of blogs available in the last 8 months alone, the talent pool is increasing rapidly.

Blogs offer a recruiter an insight in to the lives of any potential employees while also giving them a snapshot of their talents when it comes to literacy, creativity, and design skills.  Blogs offer more information that the 140-character limit of Twitter, more personality than a LinkedIn profile, and less non-work-related information than you get on Facebook.  In short, blogs offer a great way to recruit because of the information that is available as well as the manner in which it is presented.

Most bloggers offer a profile which will tell an employer more about the author but just a quick look at the profiles of even the most popular bloggers will show you that very few people are looking at these and what that says is that this is one arena which has yet to be properly targeted by employers.

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