Talent networks are developing as a vital part of any company’s recruitment process as it allows companies to build a pool of resources and candidates to hire from should they feel the need to expand or replace staff.  Having talent available at your fingertips can save not only time but also money as you have a collection of people who you can go to directly when the need to hire arises.

Building a talent network may seem like a complicated process but in fact, there are many different ways it can be achieved. You can engage with people on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or retain the details of people who have previously applied for jobs within your company.

Asking people to opt-in to an email notification system is a great way of staying in touch.  By regularly sending our emails to these people, you not only remind them of who you are, but it keeps you on top of who is still interested in your company by virtue of those who opt not to leave the mailing list.

Collect information through your website by asking people to sign up to this mailing list and that way you get a stream of people with various skills asking you to keep them in mind when you are next hiring.  Share information with these people about how your company is progressing, and ask for feedback and you will find that more stick around in your talent network than leave.

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