The world of finding suitable candidates to fill job roles is changing rapidly and with the rising popularity of social media platforms, this looks set to be the trend for the future. As more and more companies are turning to the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to find employees, there are a few things that companies should be aware of when using social media for recruitment purposes.

First, a company should make sure that they are aware of the information they are putting out there on social media platforms.  Information can spread quickly today and a company needs to be aware of how they are appearing online.  If your company makes a mistake, own up to.  Cyberspace is an unforgiving place for those who refuse to acknowledge wrong doings but a sincere apology can actually endear a company to people.

Be transparent while remembering not to publish anything online that you do not want the whole internet to know.  If you are using a personal account on behalf of a business, let people know that.

Keep your content within the realms of your social media world relevant to what your company knows and for the age group you are trying to attract.  Do not try to force conversations, let them happen naturally.

Above all, respect should be at the forefront of all communications online and this especially holds true in social media.  If it would not be acceptable in the workplace then it is not acceptable online either.

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