More and more employers are now turning to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help them with recruitment and this means added opportunities for those seeking a new job or change of direction, so just how do you go about taking advantage of it?

1. Be careful about what you say online.  If you want to get a job or at least attract employers, you have to start acting as if your social media accounts are your ‘brand’.  The image you portray online will be the one that draws potential employers towards you or makes them avoid you.

2. Talk to potential employers. Social media allows people access to those in positions of power that have never been available before.  Try to use that to your advantage as a way of drawing attention to yourself.

3. Have a fully complete profile. Chances are that any potential employer will read your profile, so make sure it says what you need it to and points them towards examples of your work if this is relevant.

4. Understand the differences in platforms.  Different social media platforms offer different benefits and drawbacks and it pays to research the difference and benefits of each.

5. Remember that online means forever. Once something is posted online, there is no way of getting it back no matter how hard you try.  Think carefully about what you post and if you wish it to attract potential employers.  If you would not tell your boss something to his or her face, do not post it online.

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