It has been revealed that the majority of small firms in Britain have an optimistic view of their future, indicating that an increasing number of employment opportunities will become available in coming years. New research unveiled by the Guardian Small Business Network showed that just 16% of businesses had seen operations fall throughout the past year, with 84% noting positive gains.

Over the past 12 months, the majority of small firms operating in the UK have seen growth, despite continued turbulent conditions. Despite many chief executives feeling that the British government has no clear plan of how to stabilise the economy and work towards a bright future, 90% of respondents said that they expect to still be in business in five years time. This is an important finding for a sector where small firms can quickly go under and with the majority of chief executives and founders being positive about their futures, it clearly shows that confidence continues to rise.

With business leaders finding more optimism in their relevant sectors and confidence in their market position, it indicates that the coming months and years will note an increasing number of vacancies and employment opportunities within the small business sector. For those needing to find new work opportunities, looking to small and upcoming firms could prove a more lucrative prospect than trying to break into some of the world’s global business leaders.

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