Recruitment agencies will look to Scotland with interest as the first minister, Alex Salmond, said that thousands of new jobs would be created in the energy sector over the coming years. The government has launched a new campaign to highlight the wealth of resources that the nation offers for the energy sector, with Mr Salmond saying that there is “astounding green energy potential.”

The new campaign, named the Community Benefit Register, will provide local residents with the chance to delve into local energy projects. People will also be able to compare local projects with those occurring across the country, whilst the government will be able to use the portal to ascertain interest from small businesses keen on investing in the energy sector.

Talking of the new campaign and how it could dramatically help employment and economic confidence, Mr Salmond said: “We have a responsibility to make sure our nation seizes this opportunity to create tens of thousands of new jobs and secure billions of pounds of investment in our economy. Importantly, we have a responsibility to make sure we seize these opportunities for the benefit of all Scots.” He added that there are a vast number of resources in Scotland that were still to be utilised.

RenewableUK has also revealed that the wind energy sector will create thousand of jobs in the coming years. With the Scottish government’s latest campaign, the renewable energy industry is set to become a big employer in the future decade.

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