Recruitment agencies are set to be increasingly asked for temporary workers after new figures revealed that short-term contracts continue to be favoured by businesses in the UK. Summer 2012 was very lucrative for those wanting short-term employment, with the London Olympics offering many opportunities. Though vacancies in commerce have dropped in London in the post-games period, many new positions are opening.

Employment expert Robert Bowyer revealed that temporary work placements were still increasing as British businesses looked to bolster their workforce without taking on the high financial risks that hiring permanent members of staff comes with. “As predicted in the last edition of the Venn Index, the economy is showing positive signs of recovery and temporary employment levels in the UK are once again on the up,” he said, adding: “Following a lull in quarter two, which can be attributed the Olympics and extra bank holidays, the economy is back on an upward trajectory.”

For those wanting employment, one market that is noting a significant rise in short-term work is the NHS. Recent structural changes to the health organisation have led to a 14.3% rise in temporary placements being noted, offering many people the ideal opportunity to find work in the months leading up to Christmas.

With the energy sector creating thousands of new employment opportunities and short-term work placements on the rise, finding work in the UK seems to be becoming easier. For recruitment agencies wanting to ensure that they can meet their clients’ needs, holding a host of temporary workers will be ideal.

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