Recruitment agencies are seeking very specific qualities in prospective employees. While market trends may change, one constant is that hiring staff will continue to look for these qualities, especially in this fast-paced business world. Knowing what to look for makes it easier to attract winning candidates.

One surprising technique that many recruiters have used for years involves carefully observing the behaviour of prospects. It is quite easy to learn more about a jobseeker’s personality and interaction with others in this manner. This has been extended with the use of social media techniques.

Evaluating the strengths and the weaknesses of jobseekers is a crucial part of a recruiter’s role. In many cases, this will literally make or break an individual’s chances with a company. It may be possible to gauge a prospect’s thoughts about customer service from an interview alone, but it is worth using all of the tools available to make a full assessment.

Relationship building is often seen as being one of the most important aspects of hiring good employees. Many recruiters are building on this option by seeking out prospective employees who have some familiarity with the company. This is a trend that is expected to continue, especially with more people publicly using social media.

The basic requirements for a good employee rarely change. Regardless of what industry a recruiter is attempting to recruit for, polite manners, respect and an awareness of customer needs continue to dominate. Different technology will continue to make it easier to identify these traits.

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