A Downing Street employment summit, in which David Cameron met with leaders of the UK’s biggest private sector employers, has resulted in a raft of companies promising recruitment initiatives in a bid to aid the economic recovery.

Representatives from companies including all the major supermarket brands, as well as Microsoft, MacDonald’s and John Lewis, attended the meeting, and all pledged to create hiring opportunities. Several companies promised new jobs numbering in their thousands.

The Prime Minister took the summit to emphasis how active recruitment processes by the private sector can help counter the effect of the public sector cutbacks. He told the gathered delegates that the government wanted to know what it could do to encourage employers to recruit new staff.

“Across a whole range of areas you’re going to see the most pro-business, pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda ever unleashed by a government. It’s time we looked forward to a positive, strong, confident Britain,” he said. “By developing the right skills and jobs I am determined that the many, not the few, will share in the country’s prosperity.”

A company likely to benefit from the increased employment is online recruitment company Recruitment Genius. Having already recruited for Tesco and John Lewis in 2010 it is looking forward to the opportunities the employment pledges bring. Commenting on behalf of Recruitment Genius, Geoff Newman said β€œIt’s naturally fantastic that so many apprenticeships and jobs are going to be created. Now we need to encourage employment by reducing the burden of employment legislation and make work pay with a fairer taxation system.”

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