It has been revealed by recruitment experts that the IT field is becoming more difficult to find work in, with sporadic growth being noted instead of a gradual rise in employment opportunities. Whilst short-term workers are still in strong demand, many IT projects that require large investments are being delayed or withdrawn, making it crucial for IT specialists to grab work when and where they can.

It was revealed that bursts of activity are being noted in the IT sector instead of steady job growth. One area that has seen significant falls in demand is in investment banking, with financial businesses reducing the number of IT staff they have taken on for 2012’s second half. Meanwhile, availability, contractor placements, pay rates and client flexibility have all fallen slightly too, resulting in IT professionals having to put more time and effort into finding lucrative positions.

Another factor that is likely to be affecting IT employment is the continued eurozone crises, which has resulted in employer confidence falling. Short-term workers are still needed from recruitment agencies to plug staffing gaps, allowing companies to ensure that they have the right skills in place without needing to make permanent staff expense commitments; however, many large IT projects which need heavy investment may be delayed or stopped altogether, resulting in a drop in IT specialist demand. Overall, this means that IT workers must make the most of every opportunity of the jobs that they find, as the availability of positions is set to remain turbulent.

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