Recruitment expert Gregg Dourgarian has urged agencies to dismiss rising concerns that the internet will replace the traditional recruitment model. Though many people may think that they can easily find staff through networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, the extra work and fake activity being noted can actually provide more hassle than it is worth.

Taking the analogy of grocers offering free coffee at their stores, Mr Dourgarian said that customers had initially been attracted by this deal. However, as the freebies became more popular, grocers started to use cheaper beans and weaker coffee in a bid to cut expenses. This provided the ideal chance for another coffee chain to step into the breach and offer a better standard of coffee at groceries for a price; this price was actually taken up by consumers wanting better standards.

The same thing can be applied to the internet and its attempts at undercutting recruitment agencies. Whilst platforms such as LinkedIn may offer people the ideal place to seek employees for free, sorting through quality candidates can prove to be a long and tiresome process. In many cases, the extra stress caused will result in employers turning to recruiters to simplify the process.

With the initial popularity of using such networks to find employees waning, it is the specialist recruitment agencies that provide a top quality service that are set to benefit. For those who are concerned that the internet will make finding staff easier, quite the opposite could actually be seen.

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