The internet changed the world, and the digital age continues developing with the huge use of smartphones and mobile gadgets. The ability to access the internet on the go, answer emails, play games and use social network platforms on a mobile phone has been a cultural revolution. Now, researchers have found that up to 75% of firms are creating employment opportunities for mobile strategists to help companies advertise.

Antenna Software conducted research into the job openings that businesses were creating, with two-thirds of respondents saying that they were creating or bolstering their mobile marketing teams. With so many people now using smartphones, the mcommerce market is increasingly being looked at as the next major income earner. Advertising on the mobile platform is therefore important, and vital to get correct.

Antenna’s chief marketing and strategy officer, Jim Somers, explained that many mobile teams were being built as businesses look to crack into the mobile advertising niche. “As companies do so, we believe they’ll need a trusted partner in their corner that has the vision, experience and technology to help with all aspects of enterprise mobile management – not the least of which is the security, integration and performance of their apps,” he said.

Recruitment agencies around the country are set to see increased interest from businesses wanting to find mobile strategists and individuals with expertise in this market. With the sector expected to grow considerably, numerous employment opportunities are to become available in the coming months.

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