It has been revealed that the Government is continuing with plans to scrap a lot of red tape so that businesses, such as recruitment agencies, can escape the current multitude of ineffective barriers that can stymie growth. The Red Tape Challenge seeks to gather information regarding burdensome regulations so that ministers can change legislation to suit UK businesses.

Unhelpful legislation has become numerous over the years, hindering economic growth and putting a lot of red tape in place that can stymie employment and business success. Members of the public, temporary workers and businesses are all being asked to log onto the internet and provide feedback about unnecessary and ineffective regulations that hinder growth. Ministers will then look at these areas and develop new legislation that does away with current red tape and makes life a little easier.

Talking of the latest initiative, business minister Michael Fallon said: “Reducing the number of rules and regulations that apply to business is absolutely central to the Government’s vision for Britain, removing barriers to economic growth and increasing competitiveness.” He added that the process should make the life easier for recruitment agencies, accountants, architects, management consultants, and others working in the business services sectors.

The news will be particular popular with recruitment agencies that currently have to adhere to strict requirements, many of which can actually hinder business growth. With a large number of people in the UK still out of work, enabling recruitment firms to more easily connect employers with workers will have benefits across Britain.

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