A new report conducted by Ernst & Young has revealed that Scotland is proving a popular region for foreign investment. With the country coming in as Britain’s top overseas investment region for the second year running, recruitment agencies wanting to place individuals could note increasing success north of the border.

In the new poll, it was revealed that Scotland is the most attractive area in Britain for foreign investors to place their money and create new jobs. In 2011, figures showed that a total of 5,926 new jobs stemmed directly from overseas investment, a 50% rise on the number of jobs that were created by investments in 2010. It places Scotland at the top of the leaderboard, making it an attractive place for those wanting work.

Much of the foreign investment comes from countries including the US, Norway and Switzerland, with many companies opting into the energy industry as the government seeks to make new ties to ensure power for the future.

Talking of the latest results, Ernst & Young’s senior partner, Jim Bishop, said: “As things stand, overseas companies looking to invest in jobs in the UK are more likely to choose Scotland than any other part of the country.”

For recruitment agents trying to place skilled workers, this means that looking north of the border could offer many possibilities. With foreign investments often wanting to utilise contractors and short-term workers, employment options will be maximised with many jobs created over the next few years.

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