A new report by a leading technology journalist has predicted that there will be a surge in engineering demand for the 4G sector when the next generation network is implemented in coming years. As a result, recruitment agencies can expect increased demand for IT specialists and engineers from businesses wanting to take advantage of the benefits that 4G will bring.

The next generation network will bring faster speeds to both consumers and businesses, enabling companies to create and offer innovative new services. Leading technology journalist Michael Brook said that around 125,000 jobs would be created by the 4G network, offering ample new jobs for people to take advantage of.

Recruiters can expect a large number of positions to be opened across the UK, with the majority in London. “London is the business hub of the country,” Mr Brook said, adding that many jobs will be concentrated in this area. “I believe there are more in the South but the North are also going to benefit because this is a country wide initiative. It is not just a southern concentration of jobs, there are going to be jobs created across the country.”

Though there is no definite date for 4G implementation, recruiters and people looking for work will welcome the news that a job boom is set to be noticed. For those who are trained with the correct skills and who work in the IT and engineering sectors, the future could be very lucrative.

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