It has been revealed that a new scheme is to help people who are currently unemployed apply for start-up investments so that they can begin their own companies. The result could see an increasing number of people becoming entrepreneurs, with recruitment agencies seeing demand for start-up staff on the rise as new business leaders begin to take responsibility for their own futures.

Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed that the New Enterprise Allowance scheme will mean that people no longer have to wait for six months after becoming unemployed before they can apply for start-up money. Instead, around 33,000 jobseekers are expected to apply for investments so that they can start their own business. The New Enterprise Allowance scheme offers financial aid and expert coaching to new entrepreneurs, and will be expanded to allow 70,000 people to take advantage of the scheme. Mr Cameron revealed that the expansion would allow the government to back “people who have ideas that will work and a can-do attitude that will turn those ideas into successful enterprises”.

Recruitment agencies across the country often work with people who are out of work and need a new job. The news that more of these candidates might be going it alone and starting up their own company could be regarded negatively; however, for those who manage to make a success of their new business to the extent that they begin to require staff, recruitment agencies could see many new firms needing start-up staff to help promote growth and keep their company booming.

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