It has been revealed that an increasing number of financial services companies are looking to invest in IT staff, with recruitment agencies expecting to see increased demand for individuals with skills and expertise in this area. Despite the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) saying that business volumes are falling, the findings indicate that there is good employment news on the horizon.

For the three months to September 2012, the CBI found that companies saw a drop in profitability; however, while firms were seen to be moving spending and new investment away from machinery and vehicles, many business leaders were found to be increasing money allocated for IT and marketing divisions. Meanwhile, there are also moves for chief executives to invest in regulatory compliance, with almost 75% saying that spending in this area was crucial so as to avoid fines, fees, and other compliance issues.

Director for competitive markets at the CBI, Matthew Fell, said: “Companies expect this recent weakness in activity to be temporary, and anticipate that growth in business volumes and incomes will return to positive territory next quarter.”

The changing trend will have great importance for workers who are not only trained in IT and marketing but who are also knowledgeable in regards to compliance. With large levels of spending set to be seen in these areas, recruitment agencies are set to see increased employment opportunities for select candidates with experience in these markets.

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