After the recession began in 2008, the financial industry has noted severe cutbacks; however, new figures have revealed that the numbers of jobs in this sector are continuing to grow month on month, with May noting a 17% rise in vacancies.

Recruitment agencies looking to place staff in the capital will be glad to hear that the London financial services sector saw more increases in May, offering a rising number of job opportunities for people to take advantage of. Whilst vacancies increased by 17%, the number of professionals entering the industry grew by 18%, indicating that the creation of new jobs is staying ahead of the demand for out of work individuals. In addition, jobseeker levels in May were 58 lower than for the same period in 2011.

Talking about the current conditions being noted in the financial industry, recruitment expert Andrew Evans said that people were once again confident in their careers and the long-term prospects. Mr Evans explained that people had been asked about their future plans after receiving this year’s bonus, saying: “49% said they would look for new opportunities, but only 6% would move abroad for work, while 42% plan to do nothing differently.” He added that around a third of people said that they were optimistic about bonus rises as the financial market improves.

With the financial sector seeing increased stability, despite economy concerns, it is hoped that other employment sectors within Britain will follow suit. For recruitment consultants wanting to place clients, the financial services industry is offering numerous opportunities.

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