Industry leaders within Britain have been warned that a lack of skilled workers could lead international companies to look elsewhere for their staffing needs. This provides recruitment agencies with specialist workers on their books the ideal opportunity to offer experienced and expertly trained staff directly to the companies who need them.

It was revealed by the University and College Union (UCU) that more money needs to be invested into higher education so that more skilled workers can be produced. With the future of the economy an important consideration for country leaders, losing high profile companies to other nations because of the lack of skilled employees would be a damaging blow for the UK.

One high profile executive to speak out was Nissan’s vice-president for Europe, Jerry Hardcastle. The company employs a range of highly skilled workers at its Sunderland plant, but Mr Hardcastle said that job investment was crucial. “In India, they are churning out hundreds of thousands of graduates and we are churning out a small number and that will restrict our ability to expand. If they’re not available here, the jobs will move to India, Brazil and China.”

The short supply of highly experienced and skilled workers means that companies dealing in recruitment will play an even more important role in providing companies with the specific staff members that they require. By taking the latest news under advisement and ensuring that they have a wide range of skilled professionals on their books, recruitment agencies could optimise their performance by supplying the in-demand experts.

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