Ministers in Scotland have revealed that the nation’s burgeoning digital sector is to create thousands of new employment opportunities. The country’s digital revolution is set to see 15,000 new jobs created, with recruitment agencies looking north of the border to find work opportunities.

Over the next 15 years, experts predict that around 1,000 new positions will be created every year. These will be seen in social media, ecommerce, engineering, cyber security, and a variety of other niche markets. Growth will be aided by the government’s £120m investment package to help rollout broadband to Highland and Island areas, with an extra £5m to develop rural community groups.

Nicola Sturgeon, cabinet secretary for infrastructure, investment and cities, said that the new digital revolution would become a vital part of the economy. “The huge potential and massive opportunities are clear,” Ms Surgeon said. “In addition to creating around 800 jobs building the infrastructure over the next five years, the investment in improving Scotland’s digital connectivity is forecast to support around 14,000 jobs in the wider Scottish economy over the next 15 years.” She added that the government’s commitment to the sector would mean a plethora of high quality employment opportunities in cutting edge markets are to be developed.

For recruitment agencies and those wanting work, looking north of the border over the coming years could offer many employment options. With the digital age becoming ever more present, landing a job in this field is a positive career move to make.

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