Over the past decade, the internet has changed the face of the world and has led to a significant shift in how people find and gain jobs. 3G networks have allowed individuals to check the internet, answer emails and work via their smartphones whilst on the move. Now, the new 4G rollout by Everything Everywhere (EE) is set to increase speeds even more and provide more employment opportunities.

Having been given the green light in August by Ofcom, EE is now expecting to test early systems in London, Cardiff and Bristol by Christmas 2012. If all goes to plan, the new 4G network will soon start becoming available to consumers in the UK. It will offer faster browsing speeds, particularly for those living in rural areas.

Chief executive of EE, Olaf Swantee, said that he was launching a new brand and network for Britain to utilise. “Our plans to revolutionise the UK communications market with a faster network and an exciting new brand for the digital age are built on solid investment and a simple belief that customers deserve better,” he added.

The new network will not only offer better speeds for customers but is also likely to increase jobs. With faster networks and more access for those living in isolated communities, better business growth and job prospects are to be expected. For recruitment agencies looking towards next generation trends and changes in the employment sector, the 4G network could offer a wealth of new job vacancies.

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