It has been revealed that many industry salary rates have fallen, meaning that recruitment agencies may see an increased number of contractors turning to them in a bid to find work. Despite the number of short term and temporary work positions increasing over the past year, new figures reveal that pay rates have fallen in 21 of the 36 labour sectors.

Temporary work continues to boom, with the number of employment prospects in this area having risen by 4% during the course of the last year. The recession has played an important part in changing the face of the labour market, with an increasing number of companies choosing to hire skills and expertise as and when they need them, rather than utilising permanent staff. Chief executive of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies, Ann Swain, said: “We’re seeing a very continuous trend in the professional recruitment market towards the hiring of temporary staff in preference to permanent staff.”

Although short-term employment placements continue to rise, pay rates across the country are actually falling. Government and public sector jobs have seen the greatest declines, with up to 31% drops in pay rates. This has contributed to an overall 18% decline in pay. As a result, recruitment agencies may see an increasing number of individuals turning to them in a bid to access lucrative job prospects. Although short-term employment is set to continue, the number of highly paid options may well decrease.

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