Over the past decade, the need to be green has become more of an important business aspect than ever before. Whilst many larger companies are able to focus their attention on long-term sustainability, small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) are often so busy growing their firm that this area is forgotten. One expert, however, has called for SMEs to place more focus on their green credentials, with recruitment agencies set to note increased demand for green experts.

Ed Percival, one of Growyoursme.co.uk’s business coaches, said that there was unsurprisingly a business focus when companies first start up. This should not mean that long-term sustainability and environmentally efficiency are forgotten, however, especially since, if implemented at the beginning, green schemes can be beneficial both to customer and business.

Expressing that it was important for the SME market to create a strong focus, Mr Percival explained: “The danger with somebody going into business or being in business is that they lose focus and try and do everything for everybody. What that does is it dilutes their energy and then they start to get busy, and very often they can get busy on peripheral activities that don’t bring them any money or any rewards.”

For recruitment agencies, the news could well mean that many businesses start to request the appropriately skilled environmental specialists and consultants to help them with sustainability. With the green focus unlikely to fall in popularity over the coming decades, this is a niche area that recruitment agents would do well to exploit.

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