A survey conducted by online recruitment specialist Recruitment Genius has identified a recent rise in unemployment, occurring most noticeably, in the past month. The survey, conducted amongst 1814 applicants who have contacted Recruitment Genius, found that this recent spike in unemployment has mostly affected those in the under 49 age bracket.

This correlates with information recently released from the Office of National Statistics which identified that over the past financial quarter over 22,000 permanent jobs were lost.

The most concerning data from the Recruitment Genius survey was to be found in the ‘Over 50s’ category. Of those surveyed 55.8% reported being made redundant which was more than double that for the other age groups surveyed. The survey showed that those in the ‘Over 50s’ group struggled to find re-employment with over a quarter being unemployed for over 12 months.

Recruitment Genius, which conducted the survey, claims however, that is doesn’t have to be viewed negatively as there are, in fact, many jobs being created. Many of which suit the more mature workers.

Geoff Newman, CEO of Recruitment Genius said: “Traditionally those in the over-50s age bracket are able to take on part-time work and be more flexible with their working practices. On a positive note 117,000 part-time positions were created during the last financial quarter which means there are opportunities out there; the challenge is matching the employer to the right candidate.”

Recruitment Genius’ is currently filling around 200 jobs per day for blue-chips companies including Tesco, Shell and Ford as well as smaller organisations. Its intelligent, and cost-effective approach, to recruitment enables business and candidates alike to benefit tremendously.

Bruce Henderson from Sheffield had found it difficult to get back into employment after being made redundant at the age of 52. He said: “After 5 months of being unemployed I was incredibly frustrated. I wanted to work and, at 52, like to think I have quite a lot left to give. However, finding the right role was proving impossible. Recruitment Genius helped me identify a number of opportunities and, I’m happy to say, I am back at work. I was, at first, a bit sceptical as the term ’online recruitment’ made me think my CV would simply be emailed to tens of jobs without much thought and consideration. However, what did I have to lose? I am glad I ignored my initial reservations as I quickly found out that Recruitment’s Genius’ approach means I was only selected for positions which matched my skills and, therefore, I was able to find employment again.”

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