If you are an ambitious entrepreneur wanting the very best for your company, being realistic in recruitment can be tricky. However, having reasonable expectations is crucial to building up a prosperous business and will avoid both frustration and disappointment. Rational decisions can also help slash the costs of recruitment, avoiding you having to compete with other companies for highly skilled workers.

Writing a realistic job description is essential to intelligent recruitment. Being honest about your business, needs and expectations is the first step to finding your ideal candidate. Overselling your business may not only mean you are not addressing the right audience but could also cause dissatisfaction when your new employee sees the reality. By stating your true needs, you ensure candidates have a clear idea of the position and together you can decide on sensible goals.

Hoping an employee will invest as much time, effort and interest in your business as yourself is also setting yourself up for disappointment. Although you may wish to find a loyal and genuinely interested employee, accepting their drive will never be equal to yours means you can put your expectancy into perspective.

Finally, remember that there are many untrained, yet talented people looking for work. You may not have to race after the same people as your competitors or pay huge amounts to attract workforce! Think about what your business actually needs and look at training an employee with the right background to meet your requirements. By doing this you will slash your recruitment costs and save time, meaning you can concentrate on building up your business.

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