In figures recently released, it has been shown that permanent staff placements increased during the month of April, which continues a trend that has been in place since the start of the year.  According to the report, which was published by The Recruitment and Employment Confederation, the overall rate of growth is still modest and is the slowest since January of this year.

A solid increase in the demand for staff helped to support higher placements.  However, permanent staff salaries posted a fractional fall in the month of April although hourly rates for temporary and contract staff showed a modest increase.

Chief Executive for The Recruitment and Employment Federation, Kevin Green, said “During 2011, employers made do with the staff they had, trying to exploit any additional capacity in their existing workforce. Having maximised the growth they could achieve in this way, confidence has grown sufficiently for organisations to make the positive decision to take on more staff.

“This growth is fragile though, and reports of a double dip recession and crises in the Eurozone could have a negative impact on that confidence.”

While it is encouraging to see permanent job opportunities improve the sharp decrease in temporary placements has tempered enthusiasm somewhat.  It is forecasted that the situation is unlikely to improve in the near future with the current uncertain economic climate and global financial situation.  However, recruitment agencies remain well placed to help those seeking employment.

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