With social media now mainstream for people looking to recruit staff, just what does the final six months of the year hold? With uncertainty around the double-dip recession, one industry expert gave their advice on how they see social recruitment panning out as the year comes to a close.

LinkedIn will hit the 300 million mark

Seen by many as the most professional of all the social networking and media sites, especially when it comes to recruiting, LinkedIn is expected to have 300 million users by the end of 2012.  By the end of last year it had just over 145 million users so this would represent a doubling in size meaning that it is a great pool of talent just waiting to be tapped.

Facebook could continue to decline

As with most social media platforms, they tend to have a limited shelf life before something new comes along to take its place.  Although Facebook membership continues to grow, more and more people are moving away from what is still the most popular social media platform and this trend is expected to continue throughout the rest of the year. Facebook, however, will do all it can to change and adapt to keep people engaged so it should not be ignored as a tool for recruiting just yet.

Twitter will explode

Twitter is certainly on the up and when it comes to recruiting it is just going from strength to strength, expect this to continue as the year moves on.

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