A new report has claimed that the availability of various online recruitment options is allowing people to become what has been described as ‘job flirts’ as they explore their employment options online.

According to the report, which was compiled by a UK Talent Management company, 66 per cent of workers use online job sites and social networking platforms in a bid to make contact with potential employers and try to enhance their job prospects.

A spokesperson for a research company said in response to the report that social media was here for the long term before adding that, “To retain top talent in the current environment, employers should leverage internal social talent practices to better engage employees and identify top performers.  Employers need to focus on building a strong employer brand and incorporating social media presence into their talent acquisition strategies. At the same time, companies need to do a better job in tapping into employee networks and self-identified areas of expertise without being perceived as overstepping boundaries.”

The research shows the ever-changing relationship between employees and employers as the online world merges more with life offline.  Employees are realising that they now have some measure of control over their careers where they did not before while employers are recognising increased possibilities for accessing the best talent, which was perhaps not available to them before the invention of the internet.  As such, both parties stand to benefit from embracing social media rather than shying away from it.

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